Crawford Denim was started by hardworking and fair-minded folks with a passion for creating. The brand is named in honor of our beloved mom and uncle, who taught us the true value of family, friends and being kind to others. It is a hand-crafted, small batch denim brand in which our family legacy lives through the simplicity of the designs. We started our career working in American factories to help create clothing for iconic brands and learned the trade from true craftsmen. With Crawford Denim, we are proud to return to our roots of using goods made in the USA by manufacturing our blend of artisanal clothing in Southern California.

Our Vintage Collection is a curated selection of rare finds and unique items that have influenced our designs. The styles are a reflection of our history, our story and the way we choose to mix the present with the past. We have selected a few of these pieces to offer along with our current Crawford Denim seasonal collection.

We believe that jeans are a way of life and it is our mission to make you look and feel great in our denim. Thank you for your support of Crawford Denim and Vintage Co.