Friday's Playlist in the studio


Hey y'all ... 

we like to play a little country, western and classic foot-stompin' music here at the studio on Fridays. Thanks to John Dunaway and his request to know what's on our playlist ... we've attached a link to it here:


It features some of favorite tunes from Johnny, Merle, Willie, Waylon, Dwight, Dierks + Dolly. A couple of notes on the folks we featured on the playlist that you might not be as familiar with:


Our favorite blond-yellow-wearing country lass! We were introduced to her through her now husband Adam. They were buying our jeans + re-posting pics of her in them. We fell in love with her voice + music and asked if we could sponsor her ... sending her more product for her + the band to wear out on tour. Then she was nominated for a Grammy, CMA and ACM and the band showed up on Good Morning America wearing all Crawford Denim + our vintage bandanas in her signature yellow!



Mixing psych rock and western, Nick has been blending the music genres throughout all of his tunes. A talented drummer and composer, he's been playing gigs since high school. We've sampled some of his music for videos that we created for collaborations with both Robert Mondavi + for Seaweed and Gravel. And we are also pretty proud to have him as our brother-in-law.




Rob's country inspired rock music kept popping up as a suggested listen. So it seemed like synchronicity when he started following us on Instagram. I quickly returned the follow. Performing locally in Los Angeles ... we were thrilled to get some live country, foot-stomping fun here in town! And then I ran into him at the Rose Bowl. We are stoked to be working with him on an upcoming project!


Hope you like our selection of tunes. Be sure to let us know who else we should listening to. Music fuels the soul ... and these western tunes fuel our designs.

That ... and a lot of Tennessee Whiskey.




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