Inspired by the heritage of California’s Robert Mondavi Private Selection wines,
we created this Vintner's Shirt and Artisan Bandana.

Robert Mondavi Private Selection's signature red blend, Heritage Red, was used to hand dye the denim shirt’s lining and bandana. The vivid red tint makes each shirt and bandana unique. The Vintner's Shirt also features a recycled wooden washer accent, made from the same oak barrels used to age the Heritage Red wine.

Crawford Denim and Vintage Co. is a small-batch apparel company. We are pleased to work in collaboration with another California original brand,  hand-crafting each garment locally. Each bottle of wine and garment has been a labor of love. Enjoy!

Check out our video of the making of the shirts, hand-dying the bandanas, cutting of the oak barrels and our day in the vineyards. 


 Video by K+P Media